Tantric Massage Services

We offer a range of Tantric therapies to suit individual preferences either by a single masseuse or four handed massages by two masseuses working in tandem.

We have designed an experience specially for you starting with the whole body massage to relieve the stress and strain from everyday living before we gradually awaken the most private parts of the body and create an intimate connection between the giver and the receiver to enable you travel down a path to a state of euphoric enlightenment.

We have combined elements from the traditional Swedish massage which focuses on the stimulation of the body's physique to alleviate tension in the muscles through enhanced blood flow and reduced toxin outflow and the tantric massage with its emphasis on breath control for relaxation of the mind and arousal of the sexual parts of the body through the lignam massage for men and the yoni massage for women.

The Tantric-London Topless Massage is a full body massage by hand on the couch with both the firm strokes of the conventional massage and the more sensual movements of the lingam massage or yoni massage towards a full body orgasm.

The Tantric-London Naturist Experience is more for those clients who would prefer me to be fully nude and enjoy a massage on the couch whereby I also use my upper body as well as my hands to gently caress you to intensify the creation of the sexual energy from this more erotic contact between us.

The Tantric-London Body to Body Encounter is the premier tantic experience predominantly for male clients. We start off on the floor with me just wearing a tiny G string and I use my entire body and warm oils to slide over your back and front to enable you to savour the feel not just my hands but my entire body. We then move to the couch for the naturist massage and continue with the build up your sexual energy towards full body orgasm.

To avoid any misunderstanding this is not a sex or BDSM service. At no time will the masseuse genitalia come into contact with the client or be touched by the client. If you wish to touch the masseuse on another part of her body at any time during the session then it should be by request and in a respectful manner. Kissing the masseuse (other than in the context of social greeting by returning clients) is not permitted.


At our Tantric Therapy Centre

For in-calls our working hours begin with first appointments starting at 11am and end with the last appointments finishing by 8 pm and we are available from Monday to Friday only (excluding public holidays) and to avoid disappointment, please try to book well in advance, particularly for busy times such as lunchtime and early evening.

AT your Central or West End hotel or residence*

For out-calls our working hours are from 10am start to 10pm finish and subject to availability, We will need at least 2 hours prior notice for weekday appointments, dependant on proximity to your London hotel or residence, though it would be preferable to book the day before if possible, particularly for the following morning session. We will require not less than 24 hours prior notice for Saturday appointments again subject to availability.

*Visits to your residence must be for subsequent appointments following a "getting to know you" session at our Tantric Therapy Centre.

In the event that unforeseen circumstances mean that you have to cancel the appointment, please let us know as soon as possible and in any event not less than 2 hours before the start of the session.